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What is “No-code” Development?

No-code is the future, and we’re here for it!

No-code/Low-code platforms like Bubble have allowed us to bring new ideas to market much faster than traditional programming. What used to take 6-12 months, can now be done in 3-4 weeks, with little or no bugs.

Custom Ecommerce

Social Media Tools
Bespoke Social Platforms
Financial Planning Apps
Any type of Web App

We Built the CRM above using Bubble in less than 2 weeks

How can Bubble Improve Your Bottom Line?

Bubble applications have a much shorter build time, they don’t require more than 1 or 2 developers per project, and there’s little-to-no maintenance required. Less time and developers = money saved. 

Simple Integrations

We know what it’s like trying to bounce from one platform to another while trying to manage your business. Let Grid & Pixel Simplify this process by creating a centralized workspace. 

Branded for Your Business

By using integrations, you will no longer need to log into various 3rd party apps. The data will be centralized in YOUR dashboard. 

Streamline Reporting

Bring all of your reporting metrics into one place, and export branded reports faster than ever. You need this, we know.

Built to Scale

No need for yearly code refactoring. No need for server migrations. Our Bubble apps scale as you grow.

Who uses Bubble?

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